Famous people who bear the surname Muratore – who is serving others

Mons.  Salvatore Muratore – Bishop of Nicosia

He was born in Campobello di Licata (Agrigento). He is the fourteenth bishop of Nicosia.

He studied philosophy and theology at the seminaries of Agrigento and Messina, completing his studies at the Pontifical Faculty of Posillipo (Naples).

He was ordained a priest on May 17, 1970 in Rome by His Holiness Pope Paul VI.

In 1971 he obtained a licentiate in pastoral theology at the Ignatianum in Messina. In 1976 he obtained a degree in pedagogy at the Teaching Faculty of the University of Palermo.

On January 22, 2009 Pope Benedict XVI appointed him Bishop of the Diocese of Nicosia.

Motto: Hilarem datorem diligit Deus – “God loves a cheerful giver”

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João (John) Muratore

It was a local Brazilian politician: the first administrator of the district Caxias do Sul, located in the state of Rio Grande do Sul.

He was elected in 1884.

In that region there was been a strong immigration from northern Italy, since 1875 [4], due to the economic and social crisis in Italy, impoverished farmers could no longer guarantee their survival.

At that moment, the imperial government of Brazil decided to undertake the colonization of uninhabited areas of the south, encouraging the arrival of immigrants from Italy.

Today the majority of the population of Caxias do Sul has got Italian origin. The local dialect Talian (a mixture of Portuguese, Italian and Venetian) is spoken by many residents.



Famous people who bear the surname Muratore – artists

Gaetano  Muratore

Born in Pantelleria. Italian painter and sculptor.

From an early age, he was a passionate self-taught in drawing and painting.

In the 70’s he created his first oil paintings.

He graduated at High School of Mechanical in 1980.

In the ’80s, along with a group of artists, he grows, exploring the various styles and techniques.

Now more and more material, he arrives to sculpture, reviving old things; he creates working robots.

Over the years he grows up to extend their experiences on the different materials in a professional manner.

From 1998 to exercise independent professional

creating installations, local works of furniture and structural

From 1998 he practiced as a freelancer, creating: installations, premises, furniture and structural works.



Lucien  Muratore 

He was a French actor and operatic tenor.

Lucien was born and trained in Marseille, first as a cornist, and later as an actor.

He studied at the Paris Music Conservatory, and made his operatic debut in 1902.

His art of singing was at times almost overshadowed by his immense talent as an actor and elegance on stage.

He died in Paris on 16 July 1954.



Jean-Baptiste Muratore

It was a French painter.

He was born in Mentone (Southern France, near the border with Italy). He participated in the Second World War, during which he contracted tuberculosis while in Alsace.

During the hospital stay,  he learned to paint, to overcome the sense of exclusion from the world of work caused by his illness.

His first exhibition was at the Salon d’Automne in Paris in 1957.

Among his favorite subjects are: the tree and the forest.

He died in 1977 in Issoire (central France).



Giorgio Muratore

A living Italian architect.

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John Muratore

A living american guitarist.

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The migrations of Muratore families in the last millennium.

Did you know that many Muratore families have been probably forced to migrate from north-western Italy at the end of the Middle Ages to Sicily? See the link to know the reason of this ancient migration.

See this link for a graphical recap of the migrations in the last millennium.

Muratore and Muratori surnames in Italy

The first one is the singular form, the second the plural form, of a craft: bricklayer (Muratore), bricklayers (Muratori).

The two different surnames Muratore and Muratori may have had a common origin. It is unlikely that there is a single common ancestor for all the different Muratore and Muratori families, but different founders for each geographical areas in Italy. All of them with something in common: their craft, their trade.

Consider also that “muratore” and “muratori” are two Italian nouns. Also consider that the Italian language was first formalized in the early XIV century (1300 A.D.) through the works of Dante Alighieri, who mixed southern Italian languages, especially Sicilian, with his native Florentine in his epic poems known collectively as the Commedia.

Therefore, taking also into account what is written in this page, it is hard to think of an origin of both surnames oldest of the late Middle Ages: XI – XV centuries (1000 – 1400 A.D.).